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Sweden: Christians Fleeing Persecution Face Violence All Over Again

Germany saw nearly 100 anti-Christian attacks in 2017. The most violent incidents occurred among asylum-seekers in refugee homes, and German politicians express growing concern for the safety of Christians fleeing to Europe. Open Doors Deutschland, which supports and advocates for persecuted Christians, recorded 743 incidents in 2016. After a wave of violence against Christians in refugee homes, many of them asked, repeatedly, ...

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Sweden: The city council in Karlstad to built mosque on a church

It appears that a mosque will be built on the church in Rud in Karlstad – in close connection with the Christian cemetery. The plans have aroused fierce protests among the residents. Via: Social Democrats, Left Party, Liberals, Environmental Party and Center Party voted yes on Tuesday for the proposed mosque while the Moderates and Christian Democrats voted no. M and ...

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Sweden: What’s behind the new insecurity of women?

In Music  festivals, buses, bath houses and other public environments, many – especially women – have noticed a change. Not only the perceived insecurity among women have increased, but the number of reported  sex offenses . In particular, young women aged 16-24 are affected. It certainly did not start in 2016, but that’s when a new normal picture emerged in Sweden. What is behind? Via: The year ...

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