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Omar El-Hussein Mockeries of Justice in Denmark

An appeal would have sent a signal to potential terrorists that Danish authorities look sternly upon logistical assistance to terrorists, and will do everything in their power to pursue justice. The only one at risk of actual harm is Lars Hedegaard himself: his attempted murderer remains at large. “I have resorted to making the suspected assassin’s name as well-known as ...

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Geert Wilders Justice in the Netherlands

It is deeply troubling that the court already before the criminal trial has even begun, so obviously compromises its own impartiality and objectivity. Are other European courts also quietly submitting to jihadist values of curtailing free speech and “inconvenient” political views? If you are a politician and concerned about the future welfare of your country, you should be able to ...

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UK Justice Minister: BDS is a Crime Worse than Apartheid

The British Justice Minister on Monday railed against the BDS movement, calling it the new manifestation of an old hatred that he said “all of us would have thought would have vanished from this earth forever, after the unique crime of the Holocaust.” Addressing the third annualAlgemeiner “Jewish 100 Gala” in New York, UK Secretary of State for Justice Michael ...

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