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Islam and Multiculturalism in France, June 2017

“I am in fundamental disagreement with these left-wing people who do everything to dissociate fundamentalism from Islam. Islam has been radicalized for fifty years. On the Shiite side, there was Imam Khomeini and his Islamic revolution. In the Sunni world, there was Saudi Arabia, which used its immense resources to finance the spread of this fanaticism of Wahhabism. But this ...

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U.S. Naval Update Map: June 29 2017

The Naval Update Map shows the approximate current locations of U.S. Carrier Strike Groups and Amphibious Ready Groups, based on available open-source information. No classified or operationally sensitive information is included in this weekly update. CSGs and ARGs are the keys to U.S. dominance over the world’s oceans. A CSG is centered on an aircraft carrier, which projects U.S. naval ...

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Inside the Global Jihad June 22, 2017

Main events of the week On the ground, the severe pressure on ISIS is mounting: In Mosul, the Iraqi army has entered the Old City, ISIS’s last stronghold in the western part of the city. In Al-Raqqah,the SDF forces have taken over several other neighborhoods in the east and west of the city. In addition, the severe erosion of ISIS’s manpower (the killing ...

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Inside the Global Jihad June 8, 2017

Main events of the week The main event of the week was a combined vehicular and stabbing attack on London Bridge, for which ISIS claimed responsibility. Seven people were killed and 48 others were wounded. The attack is part of ISIS’s efforts to carry out showcase attacks during Ramadan in various places around the world (Iraq, Egypt, the Philippines, Afghanistan (?) ...

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