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Elderly woman who wrote: IQ level is going to fall due to MUSLIM immigration – prosecuted for hatred

A 65-year-old woman from Jönköping is currently being charged with hatred against a population group because she posted on Facebook that immigration will lead to a lower IQ level in Sweden. By – Brünnhilde  The elderly woman from Jönköping has been charged with writing several so-called subversive posts on immigration and immigrants, in particular against Muslims, on Facebook. “If this continues, ...

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Swedenstan: Näthats behind ‘witch-hunt’ arrests of people expressing political opinions

The number of Swedish citizens prosecuted and convicted of writing posts about immigrants on Facebook has increased significantly over the past year. Behind a large part of the reports and prosecutions is an organization called Näthats. By – Brünnhilde According to Svenska Dagbladet, the network consists of “lawyers, law students, former police and system developers”. The network has developed software that ...

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Swedenstan: Fined $1,265 for Saying Muslims Are ‘Behind Many Rapes’

A 55-year-old man from the Swedish town of Jönköping has been handed a SEK 10,000 ($1,265) fine for crime of opinion after writing on Facebook that Sunni Muslims account for a lot of the gang-related crimes and rapes committed in Sweden. By – Brünnhilde Prosecutor Lisa Hedberg chose to take legal action against the man after his post on the Facebook group “Now is enough! I want re-election now!” in April 2017. The public group ...

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