Thursday , 12 December 2019
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Swedish prime minister Stefan Lofven ousted after losing no-confidence vote

Sweden’s prime minister Stefan Lofven has lost a no-confidence vote in parliament, meaning he will have to step down from his post. By – Jon Stone  The leader of the Swedish Social Democrats will stay as a caretaker prime minister during coalition talks to decide the country’s next government following close elections earlier this month. MPs in the Riksdag, the Swedish ...

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Germany Introduces Women’s Pants with Safety Alarms to Thwart Off Migrant Sex Attacks.

Germany, a country of 82 million, welcomed from 800,000 to over one million migrants and unvetted “refugees” in 2015. Chancellor Angela Merkel welcomed close over 280,000 migrants in 2016. By – In Jul 2017 Merkel shut down the idea of creating upper limits on refugees entering Germany. Migrant sex attacks and violence soared in Germany since Merkel implemented grand scheme to flood country with 3rd world migrants. Now ...

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Merkel’s Bloc Agrees to Limit Number of Refugees Entering Germany

Angela Merkel has agreed to cap the number of refugees arriving in Germany at 200,000, as a concession during coalition negotiations to form a new government. Via: Jon Stone The German chancellor, who has opened up Germany’s borders to people fleeing the wars in the Middle East and Africa, made the concession to secure the support of the regional Bavarian party ...

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