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Trump cuts more than $200 million in U.S. aid to Palestinians

Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner is leading an effort to craft a peace plan meant to launch negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians to end the decades-long conflict. By –  Reuters The United States is cutting more than $200 million in aid to the Palestinians, the State Department said on Friday, amid a deteriorating relationship with the Palestinian leadership. ...

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Iran’s Long History of Terror and Espionage in Europe

The Iranian regime’s potent espionage and assassination network in Europe has operated largely without interruption since the Islamic revolution of 1979. European governments have caught and imprisoned individual terrorists, yet they fail to deter Tehran because they only punish the perpetrators, not the regime that gives them their orders. By – Toby Dershowitz & Benjamin Weinthal German prosecutors have filed charges of conspiracy ...

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London Gave Shelter to Radical Islam and Now It’s Paying the Price

The U.K. has mistakenly subcontracted the management of its Muslim population to community brokers. British law enforcement struggling to cope with a burgeoning wave of terrorism? It’s the ghost of the Raj, British rule in India, that has come back to haunt Britain, says Gilles Kepel, a leading French expert on fundamentalist Islam and the author of “Terror in France: ...

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Islam and Multiculturalism in France and Belgium- March 2017

Yussuf K. said he carried out the January 2016 attack “in the name of Allah and the Islamic State.” He added that he chose his victim because “he was Jewish.” A confidential police report revealed that more than 50 organizations in Molenbeek, a migrant-dominated neighborhood of Brussels, Belgium, are believed to have ties to jihadist terrorism. An Ipsos poll for ...

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The MSM’s endless, wily contortions on Islam.

“Why are Jews, gays, and other minorities in Europe increasingly voting far-right?” So read the headline of a recent article in the Christian Science Monitor by Sara Miller Llana and Tamara Micner. Via: rontpagemag.com  I’m going to take a quick stroll through their article – not because there was anything special about it, but precisely because it provided a near-perfect example ...

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