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Sweden ‘Starves Out’ Christian Asylum Seeker From Iran, While Letting Former ISIS Fighters Get Jobs

A Christian refugee from Iran seeking asylum in Sweden has not only been denied her request, but forced out of her job, while former fighters with the Islamic State (ISIS) have been granted that asylum. Christian asylum seekers in Sweden reported 512 religiously motivated acts of violence against them, mostly at the hands of Muslim migrants. By – Tyler O’Neil  Aideen ...

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Denmark immigration Minister Inger Støjberg shares the screen of Muhammad after Museum didn’t exhibit them

Immigration Minister Inger Støjberg (V) awakening the debate about the Skovgaard Museum in Viborg, who will not use the Muhammad drawings in a new exhibition about blasphemy. Via: Morten Nielsen In an update on Facebook , Inger Støjberg writes that Kurt Westergaard’s Muhammad drawings have enormous significance for our self-understanding and for Denmark’s struggle to create democracy around the world. For TV 2, the ...

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Swedish Mattias Karlsson (SD) compared the Quran with Mein Kampf

Britain’s legendary prime minister, including Nobel laureate Winston Churchill, has done so. The Dutch Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders has also done so. Now the Swedish Democrats group leaders in the Swedish parliament, Mattias Karlsson, are singing to those who equate Islam with Nazism  Via: David Baas  On Saturday, the Swedish Democrats held a big kickoff before the church hall on Sunday next ...

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