Tuesday , 26 January 2021
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France has become the number one target for Muslims extremists in Europe

FRANCE has become the number one target for extremists in Europe, with yet another attack increasing tension in the country today. Via: thesun.co.uk  A series of horrific attacks have seen scores of citizens murdered as they go about their day-to-day lives and a machete-wielding man who pulled a knife on soldiers at the Louvre  has sparked fresh fears about the terror threat. Here are just ...

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In France Muslim “refugees” tell Christian “WE WILL KILL YOU”

“No, you are not free, you are in the Jungle. The Jungle has Kurdish rule here – leave this camp.” Before too long, all of Europe and the UK will have Islamic rules, which you will have to obey or leave — and hope you get out alive. “Christian convert in French refugee camp told: ‘We will kill you’”, World ...

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Obama has taken in 5,435 Syrian Muslim refugees, but only 28 Christians

U.S. Helps Muslims, not Christians Muslim Persecution of Christians: July, 2016 The Obama administration has taken in 5,435 Muslim refugees, but only 28 Christians — even though Christians are approximately 10 percent of Syria’s population and are classified as experiencing a genocide there. The logic of the pope’s statement seems to be that violence done that contradicts the Judeo-Christian God’s ...

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