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Muslim Migrant Problems Still Threaten Europe

In September 2015, a Canadian broadcaster, Ezra Levant, suggested that what Europe was experiencing, was not primarily an influx of “refugees” fleeing conflict, but rather a new Gold Rush, in which young men from the Muslim world were seeking to improve their fortune at Europe’s expense. Rome-based journalist Barbie Latza Nadeu seriously asked whether Italy was “enabling the ISIS invasion ...

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Inside the Global Jihad May , 2016

Main events of the week In Syria, the fighting in the city of Aleppo and its northern rural area has escalated over the past two weeks. Syrian and Russian aircraft attacked targets in Aleppo neighborhoods controlled by the rebel organizations. The rebel organizations (including the Al-Nusra Front) fired rockets and mortar shells at neighborhoods controlled by the Syrian regime. Hundreds ...

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Italy launches astonishing attack on Austria as migrant tensions intensify

In an outspoken attack Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said Vienna’s planned to build a fence on the border between the two countries to keep out migrants was “dangerous”. While he did elaborate on what he meant by the “ghosts and spectres of the past” his remarks could be seen in Austria as a thinly-veiled swipe at the country’s historical involvement ...

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Tense talks as Italy fumes over Austria migrant ‘slap’

Italy and Austria were set for showdown talks Thursday as Italian politicians and media reacted furiously to Vienna’s new anti-migrant measures that could close the border between the two countries. Austrian Interior Minister Wolfgang Sobotka, who has vigorously defended the controversial package which was driven by a surge of the far right, was due in Rome to explain his government’s ...

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Migrant crisis: EU says Libya numbers alarming

The president of the European Council has warned Italy and Malta of large numbers of would-be migrants in Libya. Donald Tusk told MEPs that it would not be possible to apply the same approach used for the Balkans to unstable Libya. Italy’s coastguard says 4,000 people were rescued from the Mediterranean between Libya and Sicily on Monday and Tuesday. Meanwhile, ...

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