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Swedish Church Removes Crosses to Make Muslim Migrants Feel “Welcome”

Sweden is turning its back on its own culture, All in the name of multiculturalism. Sweden wants to adopt the culture of immigrants to show respect and make them feel welcome. Via: freespeechtime There are Western countries that do not even acknowledge that there is a lack of integration within the immigrant communities. Multiculturalism has failed in Europe. Most people are unaware ...

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Global Islamophobia Follows Trump’s Embassy Move to Jerusalem

President Trump displayed more courage and integrity Wednesday than Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama ever did when he ended twenty-two years of waivers postponing the U.S. Embassy to Israel’s move to Jerusalem, declared that the U.S. recognized that Jerusalem was Israel’s capital, and announced that preparations for the embassy move would begin forthwith. And the world reacted ...

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Norway’s Political Elites Cheer for Islam

If current levels of immigration continue, native Norwegians will be a minority in their own country within a few decades. In some parts of inner city Oslo, they are already a minority. Via: Fjordman              Ethnic Norwegians living in these areas are called “infidel whore.” Many feel as if they are strangers in what once was ...

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Facebook closed account of imam accused of Islamophobia – Extreme Muslims are welcomed

AUSTRALIA Facebook has decided to turn off Australia-based Imam Mohammad Tawhidi since this accused of spreading Islamophobic hatred. The reason is that he urged the authorities to expel radical Muslim leaders and say no to halal slaughter. Via: An imam who is Islamophobic. It is possible? It seems to be the assessment Facebook made by Mohammad Tawhidi, an Iranian born imam with ...

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Texas Mosque SHUT DOWN For Funding Terrorists, Muslim Population Cries ‘Islamophobia’

A north Texas mosque was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorism financing trial in United States history. The judge found there was ample evidence that the mosque, the Islamic Association of North Texas, assisted the Holy Land Foundation in funding millions of dollars to a Palestinian military terrorist organization that has killed Israeli children.  The Richardson, Texas, ...

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