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The Swedish Democrats wants to move Sweden’s embassy to Jerusalem – “A matter of course”

Swedish Democrats, the political party in Sweden, have announced they want to follow in the footsteps of the United States by relocating Sweden’s embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and therefore recognising Jerusalem as the official capital of Israel. By – Brünnhilde The statement was announced by the party on Monday afternoon at the same time protests were taking place in ...

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Alternatives for Sweden: All 2,000 Islamist in Sweden must be expelled

After the weekend’s Islamic Terrorist Council in Paris, Alternatives for Sweden’s party leader Gustav Kasselstrand has now announced he wishes to expel all the “thousands” of Islamists who are in Sweden. By – Brünnhilde Scroll for video According to Säpo, there are at least a few thousand Islamist terrorists living in Sweden. These should and will be expelled from the country, ...

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Germany to give a Islamic terrorist group opportunity to seats in parliament

Even as Germany is increasingly cracking down on criticism of Islam, it appears prepared to give a genuine Islamic terrorist group the opportunity to win seats in its parliament. Via: Bruce Bawer  In a remarkable decision taken at the end of August, Germany’s Interior Ministry declined to bar the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) — listed as a terrorist organization ...

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Norway: Threat of Jihad

Norway seems to be making the same poorly thought-out choices as Britain. It has apparently not occurred to these authorities that encouraging Muslims in prison to study the Quran and hadiths, with their exhortations to jihad against the “infidels”, may in itself serve to radicalize the inmates. Via: gatestoneinstitute.org  The Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) just published in February its yearly ...

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