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Swedenstan: Muslims Pray In Public Square In Uddevalla yelling “Jalla, Jalla, a mosque for all”

The Islamic Center in Uddevalla arranged a demonstration on the city square during Friday. The number of Muslims in Uddevalla become so big that one requires a larger mosque and it seems that the city’s politicians should fix them. The participants also held a joint public Friday prayer. Via: Brünnhilde Friday at the Christmas tree on Uddevalla square hundred of Muslims gathered  to demonstrate. ...

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London’s New Mega Mosque

“We do not know what they are preaching as [it is] all in Arabic.” — A petitioner against the Hussainiyat Al-Rasool Al-Adham mosque, in the middle of one of London’s two largely Jewish areas. Via: Judith Bergman  “[Ayatollah Syed Mohammed Al-Shirazi]… would constantly encourage the establishment of Hussaini centers across the world, especially in non-Islamic countries… so we can propagate the teachings of ...

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