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Inside Iran February 1, 2017

Main Points Via: The Astana talks on the future of Syria ended on January 24, 2017. Iran, Russia and Turkey agreed to establish a joint mechanism to oversee the Syrian ceasefire. They issued a statement at the end of the talks stressing their countries’ commitment to preserving Syria’s territorial integrity, continuing the joint struggle against ISIS and the Fateh al-Sham ...

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Inside Iran January 1, 2017

Main Points Hossein Salami, deputy Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) commander, said the fall of Aleppo to the forces of the Syrian regime foiled the plans of the West to take control of the region. He added that in view of Hezbollah’s success in the fighting in Aleppo, he had no doubt it could fight just as well in the ...

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Inside Iran – December 5, 2016

Main Points Mohammad Ali Jafari, commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), said Iranian forces were not participating in the fighting in Mosul because the Shi’ite militias in Iraq did not need Iranian fighters. He said Iran had deployed a small number of advisors to Iraq. In a speech delivered for Basij Week, he criticized those who claimed Iran ...

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Inside The Global Jihad November, 2016

Main events of the week About three weeks after the beginning of the campaign to take over the city of Mosul, the situation on the ground is as follows: Intense fighting is taking place on the eastern outskirts of Mosul. The Iraqi army has entered the city and taken over several neighborhoods but was forced to withdraw from them (or ...

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