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Austria deploy troops to defend its borders in the wake of Europe’s migrant influx

Austrian soldiers deploy in the Italian border to carry out checks on migrants Four armoured vehicles have been sent to the southern border already Around 750 troops are primed to join armoured vehicles in scaling up operation Officials in Vienna have said they expect the border changes to come ‘very soon’ Via: Gareth Davies Austria is preparing troops to defend its borders ...

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Austria begins work for HUGE fence along length of Hungarian border

AUSTRIA has begun preparation work for a fence which could quickly be erected along its border with Hungary. The fence could be put along the crossing that hundreds of thousands of migrants used during a wave of arrivals a year ago. The preparations, which involve burying vertical pipes in the ground into which fence poles can be inserted, began on ...

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Hungarian PM says his country does not need ‘a single migrant’ : ‘Not medicine, but poison’

Right-wing Hungarian leader Victor Orban said refugees are less than welcome in Hungary, calling them “a poison” and “terror risk” at a joint press conference with his Austrian counterpart. He also rejected the migration policy the EU is trying to impose. Orban, who is known as a harsh critic of the mandatory migrant quota scheme that the EU proposed in ...

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