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Sweden became an example of how not to handle immigration

For a British boy to be killed by a grenade attack anywhere is appalling, but for it to happen in a suburb of Gothenburg should shatter a few illusions about Sweden. Last week’s murder of eight-year-old Yuusuf Warsame fits a pattern that Swedes have come slowly to recognise over the years. Via: Tove Lifvendahl  He was from Birmingham, visiting relatives, and ...

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Sweden Human Trafficking Empire

Sweden is a destination and, to a lesser extent, source and transit country for women and children subjected to sex trafficking, and a destination country for men, women, and children subjected to forced labor, including forced begging and stealing. Via: state.gov Identified and suspected victims of sex trafficking largely originate from Eastern Europe, West Africa, Asia, and—to a lesser extent—Western Europe. ...

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Human trafficking in Sweden is increasing – Cubans are a new group

The number of cases of human trafficking continues to increase in Sweden. The Migration Board’s statistics from the first half of 2017, writes in a press release. Often it is about sexual exploitation or so-called undue exploitation as a labor force. Via: friatider.se  The Swedish Migration Board detects trafficking at more and more of its cases. The increasing trend is clear, Come in. ...

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