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Germany’s interior minister: ‘Migration is the mother of all problems’

Seehofer defended the Chemnitz protesters by calling for action on migration  Murder of Daniel Hillig sparked marches and counter-protests in Chemnitz  The protests were organised by far-right groups with many people arrested German minister Seehofer said those who broke the law would be prosecuted Angela Merkel is due to visit Chemnitz imminently in the wake of the protests By – George ...

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Gaddafi’s Prophecy for Europe is Coming True

The flow of migrants coming to Europe from Africa is likely to grow in the coming years, For decades Libya served as a firewall halting the tide of refugees heading to the EU. Now when Libya lies in ruins European leaders see that late Colonel Muammar Gaddafi was right, Schwarz stressed. By – Bernhard Schwarz Scroll 4video Former Libyan leader ...

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Confusion over immigration and crime is roiling European politics

AS MAYOR of the small Swedish town of Haparanda, Peter Waara has had his share of problems with refugees and with crime. The first refugees arrived in September 2015 (“the middle of moose-hunting season,” Mr Waara recalls), when Haparanda, which sits on the Finnish border, was deluged by busloads of Syrians and Iraqis who thought Finland would welcome them. They ...

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German interior minister: ‘Islam does not belong’ to Germany

Angela Merkel’s new government got off to a rocky start on Friday as the chancellor and her interior minister clashed publicly over the role of Islam in Germany society. Horst Seehofer, who became interior minister this week under a coalition deal, used his first interview since taking office to declare “Islam does not belong in Germany”.  By – Justin Huggler Mrs Merkel lost ...

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PM Orbán: ‘2018 Will Be the Year for Restoring the People’s Will in Europe’

Hungary’s Viktor Orbán has told a conference of German conservatives in Bavaria that 2018 will the year “the people’s will” is restored in Europe, as eurosceptic, anti-mass migration leaders take the fight to the globalist establishment. By – Jack Montgomery   The Fidesz leader was a guest of Bavaria’s Christian Social Union (CSU), which sits with Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) ...

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Germany under ‘great illusion’ it can deport failed asylum seekers

A “great illusion” prevails in Germany over the deportation of failed asylum applicants, Bavarian premier Horst Seehofer argued, adding it is unrealistic to expel all migrants once they are in the country. Via: It is much more humane for European countries to protect common borders and decide on the spot whom to allow in than to accept migrants en masse ...

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