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Sweden Facebook Rape: “He did not understand that it was a rape”

The Supreme Court has decided to give a test permit to the 24-year-old Iranians who filmed the live-up Facebook rape in Uppsala in January. According to his lawyer, the man is “talented” and should not have understood that it was a rape Via: Dagens Juridik It was in January that three immigrants were partying in an apartment in Gottsunda in Uppsala together ...

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Non-Swedes commit almost 25 times as many gangrapes as Swedes.

www.gangrapesweden.com is an analytical database platform designed to study violent crime in general but the main focus is sex crimes. During the year 2016 all criminal cases involving a rape charge in some sense have been collected with the criteria that two or more perpetrators were prosecuted in the same judgment. Via: gangrapesweden.com  Sweden has 48 district courts and this hence ...

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Three Muslims charged over Uppsala ‘Facebook rape video’

Three Muslims are to face trial in Sweden in connection with the alleged rape of a woman in an Uppsala apartment which was live streamed on Facebook. Via – Europe The men were arrested in January after police were alerted to a suspected ongoing sexual assault by witnesses, who reported seeing it live in a closed Facebook group. Two of the ...

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