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Confusion over immigration and crime is roiling European politics

AS MAYOR of the small Swedish town of Haparanda, Peter Waara has had his share of problems with refugees and with crime. The first refugees arrived in September 2015 (“the middle of moose-hunting season,” Mr Waara recalls), when Haparanda, which sits on the Finnish border, was deluged by busloads of Syrians and Iraqis who thought Finland would welcome them. They ...

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More Than Half a Million Foreign Citizens Entitled to Vote in Sweden

The percentage of foreign nationals eligible for voting is rising in Sweden, having recently surpassed 7 percent of the population. Although the voter turnout among those born abroad tends to be low, they are a force that can affect the outcome of the election. By – Europe About 578,000 foreign nationals are entitled to vote in upcoming municipal and county elections in Sweden, ...

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Record-wide number from Muslim World became Swedish citizens

By 2017, approximately 69,000 people from more than 160 countries classified as Third World Muslim were granted new Swedish citizenship, which is a shocking increase of 14 percent from the previous record entry from 2016. By – Brünnhilde A large part of the increase can be explained by recent years of major immigration from Arab countries, according to Statistics Sweden. By ...

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Swedenistan: 95.6 percent of rape assault is committed by Muslim immigrants

A new comprehensive investigation of convictions between 2012-2017 shows an extreme of Muslim immigrants among sexual offenses. That is a response to the government’s refusal to give BRÅ the task of producing official current statistics on immigrants’ crime. Via: “In January 2017, Morgan Johansson (S), Minister of Migration, announced that the government do not intend to provide the Crime Prevention Council (BRÅ) ...

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Finnish Muslim asylum seekers on their way to Sweden

Hundreds of Muslim asylum seekers intend to cross the border to Haparanda hoping to get asylum in Sweden. “They do not feel safe anymore,” said asylum activist Nuor Dawood. All are Muslim Iraqis, Somalis and Afghans.  Via: Esko Pihkala   Turku’s largest newspaper Turun Sanomat reports that a group of asylum seekers, including many women and children, will gather in Torneå and ...

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