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Criminals Muslim gangs threaten Stockholmers into silence

One third are experiencing major drug trafficking issues. More than half are experiencing major problems with shooting. More than half are seeing problems with automobile crashes, traffic, and car fires in their daily lives. By – Brünnhilde These are just a few of the startling new statistics revealed by a new report from the Swedish Crime organization investigating the growing discontent ...

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what’s behind Sweden hand grenades problem

On a Sunday this January, Daniel Cuevas Zuniga, a 63-year-old Chilean living in Sweden, was cycling home in Vårby Gård, a suburb of Stockholm, with his wife. He saw an object on the bike path and reached down to pick it up. It was a hand grenade. By – Karis Hustad It exploded, and Zuniga died from his injuries. The blast ...

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Gang Violence rape and Hand Grenades Rattle Sweden’s Middle Class

In the Stockholm suburb of Varby Gard, it was not unusual to see the figure of a 63-year-old man pedaling a bicycle home after the end of his shift as an aide for disabled adults, hunched against the icy wind of a Swedish winter. By – Ellen Barry Daniel Cuevas Zuniga had just finished a night shift on a Sunday last ...

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Sweden Police: Hand Grenades Are Easy to Find for Criminals

Grenade attacks in Sweden are becoming increasingly more common and, according to a police officer and a former criminal, the small explosive weapons are readily available and inexpensive. By – Chris Tomlinson  Police officer Gunnar Appelgren, the coordinator of the Stockholm police force’s gang conflict programme, has admitted that hand grenades are easy to find in Sweden and that many young ...

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One streets shootings a day in Sweden

One streets shootings a day, Just in the summer, which is the worst period, eleven people died , showing figures at SvD . The newspaper calls it a “bloody summer”. Via: 81 shootings with 46 injured and eleven dead. It is the result of shooting only during the summer in Sweden this year. June, July and August account for about 40 percent of all ...

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