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Twitter, YouTube broke anti-terrorism laws

U.S. families of terrorism victims have opened up a new legal battle against social media companies, arguing the websites are breaking anti-terrorism laws by letting themselves be used by the Islamic State for recruitment and propaganda. Via : Alex Swoyer                   Two lawsuits, brought by civil rights lawyer Nitsana Darshan-Leitner on behalf of victims’ families ...

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Social media fights back against fake news

Facebook and other social media networks are taking steps to make sure their platforms don’t become tools for foreign governments spreading “fake news” stories.  Via:  Experts consider the threat level high for these platforms to be used by foreign governments or other entities seeking to influence millions because of their extensive reach and ability to disseminate both malignant links and ...

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5 explosive secret intelligence memos on Syria everyone must read [VIDEO]

GLOBAL On Syria, British and American policymakers tend to assume that their governments are chiefly motivated by a concern for civilian life and peace in the region. But that is not the whole truth: a lengthy trail of internal government documents exposes the US, the UK, and their allies as both “the arsonists and the firefighters” in Syria. These now publicly available intelligence memos confirm that the US, ...

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Facebook, Twitter and Google have become a ‘recruiting platform for terrorism’

Facebook, Twitter and Google and are deliberately failing to stop terrorists from using their websites to promote terrorism because they believe it will “damage their brands”, MPs have warned. MPs warned that social media websites are becoming the “vehicle of choice” for spreading terrorist propaganda but websites are policing billions of accounts and messages with just a “few hundred” employees. The ...

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Pirate Bay allowed to continue operating by Sweden Court

The case was a result of an EU directive giving rights holders the right to ask for an injunction against service providers whose customers commit infringements The ISP had claimed its “only role is to provide customers with Internet access while facilitating the free-flow of information.” The judgement, which had been in deliberations for a month, agreed. The court refused ...

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Google search says ‘Muslims support terrorism

Google was autocorrecting searches so that they read “Muslims support terrorism”, according to reports. In a slip-up that has now been fixed, Google would tell people searching for “Muslims report terrorism” that they might have been looking instead for “Muslims support terrorism”. The problem appears to have appeared automatically, and through no manual input from anyone at Google. It instead ...

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