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Western Gays Abandon Their Islamic Brothers

Whenever Islamic radicalism has been defeated after its reign of horror and fear, what follows among ordinary citizens are scenes of hope and liberation. By – Giulio Meotti  The LGBT establishment has, it seems, been hijacked by a politicized elite that cares little about the rights of their brethren in the Islamic world. LGBT activists and celebrities have never once promoted ...

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Europe’s Gays Are Moving to the Right, Alarmed by Islam

For decades, in both America and Europe, the gay establishment – gay magazines, gay rights organizations, and self-designated gay leaders – have been dictating politics to the gay multitudes. Those politics have been consistently left-wing and Democratic. Not all gays have played follow-the-leader, but most have, so that in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections Hillary Clinton won a far larger ...

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The MSM’s endless, wily contortions on Islam.

“Why are Jews, gays, and other minorities in Europe increasingly voting far-right?” So read the headline of a recent article in the Christian Science Monitor by Sara Miller Llana and Tamara Micner. Via: rontpagemag.com  I’m going to take a quick stroll through their article – not because there was anything special about it, but precisely because it provided a near-perfect example ...

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