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87,000 New residence permits for Muslim so far this year

So far this year, nearly 87,000 new residence permits have been granted in Sweden. Here is the latest statistics from the Swedish Migration Board. By – Brünnhilde As cars continue to set on fire, so is the Muslim immigration continues it’s way to Sweden. During week 35, a total of 458 people ask for asylum in Sweden, an increase of 94 people compared ...

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Why new IMMIGRANTS in Sweden shooting each other?

IT WAS supposed to be a sneaky afternoon cigarette break. Then a gunman in black appeared and shot 15-year-old Robin Sinisalo in the head. His older brother Alejandro was shot four times. By – economist.com Robin died immediately on the doorstep of his home in north-west Stockholm. Alejandro was left in a wheelchair for life. Two years later, the boys’ mother, ...

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Gang Violence rape and Hand Grenades Rattle Sweden’s Middle Class

In the Stockholm suburb of Varby Gard, it was not unusual to see the figure of a 63-year-old man pedaling a bicycle home after the end of his shift as an aide for disabled adults, hunched against the icy wind of a Swedish winter. By – Ellen Barry Daniel Cuevas Zuniga had just finished a night shift on a Sunday last ...

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Swedenstan: Hand Grenade Crime-intense

After a significant rise in the number of hand grenade attacks, Swedish authorities are proposing a bill of amnesty for those willing to turn in their weapons. Via: Chris Tomlinson The amnesty bill is designed to encourage those in possession of hand grenades to give them in to police and get them off the streets. The bill is scheduled to be introduced to the Swedish ...

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Shootings in Stockholm increased by 30% in three years

➤ So far this year , at least 101 shootings have taken place in Stockholm. Via: samnytt.se Until 18 October this year, 12 people died during shooting in Stockholm County and 35 were injured. Shootings linked  to gang crime are very difficult. One explanation is that you want to come forward and testify – it applies to both directly affected as well as others ...

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The police see a trend of grosser violent crime in Sweden

There is an increased use of violence in Sweden. It states the police in a trend report on their website. In addition, an increasing proportion of organized crime is being implemented via the Internet, where the crimes are becoming increasingly complex. Via: friatider.se Major violent violations, more complex cybercrime and increased cooperation between criminal actors. There are some crime trends presented by the ...

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