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Meet Denmark’s new anti-immigration party

A new political party that promises a stricter immigration policy than the Danish People’s Party combined with a libertarian economic outlook will be on the ballot the next time Denmark holds an election. The party Nye Borgerlige, which roughly translates to ‘The New Right’ (a spokesperson told The Local that it did not have an official English name), has surpassed ...

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Austria set to become the first EU country to elect a far-right head of state as anti-Islam Freedom Party surges in the polls

Austria is a short step frombecoming the first European Union country to elect a far-righthead of state, the result of mounting angst about livingstandards and Europe’s migrant crisis triggering more than100,000 asylum requests. The anti-Islam and eurosceptic Freedom Party (FPO) grabbedmore than a third of the vote in the first round of presidentialelections on April 24. The second round is ...

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Mizzou may pay price for campus protests as enrollment plunges

Associate professor Melissa Click was recently fired from Mizzou after a video of her threatening a student journalist covering protests on campus last fall surfaced online. Safe spaces may become empty spaces at the University of Missouri, where officials acknowledged an expected sharp decline in enrollment next fall is due at least in part to protests that rocked the campus ...

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Turkey: World Champion Violator of Right to Freedom of Speech

“[T]hey have launched an investigation against me in accordance with article 301 because I mentioned ‘peace, brotherhood, and human rights’ in my statement to the press. Hundreds of lawsuits have been brought against lawyers and members of opposition in Turkey because they talked about peace and brotherhood.” — Ilhan Ongor, Co-President of the Adana branch of the Human Rights Association. ...

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