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Turkey to leave NATO soon

Turkey is in a mess. Its currency is in a tailspin and inflation is out of control. There really is a lot going on so here are some key things you need to know. By – Simon Constable Qatar Providing Help The oil-rich state promised $15 billion in support of Turkey and cut an agreement to help stabilize the lira. Those ...

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Sweden’s 2018 Election: A Blueprint For Fake News Countering

Different election, same problem. By now, the fact that foreign powers might try to influence other countries’ elections by spreading disinformation, is no longer surprising to anyone.  By – Federico Guerrini Much less so to Swedish politicians and lawmakers, who have witnessed Russian efforts to manipulate the U.S. elections two years ago, and are by no means willing to let anything similar happen ...

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How A Swedish Social Enterprise Is Transforming Lives

In a converted tram depot in downtown Stockholm, a young company is helping to transform the lives of newcomers to Sweden by helping them to find jobs. Since Mark and Dea Ahlenius launched Jobbentrén 18 months ago, they have helped 41 people not just to find jobs, but to stay in them. By – Heather Farmbrough       “The Swedish labour market is ...

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Trump, Assad, Putin, And The Re-establishment Of American Credibility

President Trump’s action last night, striking with 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles a Syrian military airbase that had been the source of a chemical weapons attack against a rebel-controlled village on Tuesday, has not only punished Syrian dictator Bashar Assad for the use of chemical weapons, but put the broader region, and the rest of the world, on notice that the ...

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