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Viktor Orban: ‘Christianity is Europe’s last hope’

HUNGARY’S Prime Minister Viktor Orban has claimed “Christianity is Europe’s last hope” in a fiery speech in which he also took aim at “politicians in Brussels, Berlin and Paris” over migration. By – Harvey Gavin Mr Orban said the European Union risks being “overrun” by mass immigration and “Islamic expansion” before calling for a global alliance to what he portrayed as a growing ...

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‘On a collision course’ Poland and EU closer to Polexit than EVER BEFORE

POLAND and the European Union have locked horns in a conflict that has made a Polexit scenario closer to reality than ever before. Via: Sebastian Kettley    EU Council President Donald Tusk dropped a bombshell revelation yesterday, that the EU did not need Poland to survive and vice versa – just a week after Jean-Claude Juncker threatened to pull the plug on ...

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Hungary’s leader calls Muslims migration ‘Trojan horse’ of terrorism

Hungary adopted tough new rules on Tuesday allowing authorities to detain all asylum seekers, including women and children fleeing war and poverty, in border camps built from shipping containers. Human rights groups said the decision was a “flagrant violation of international law.” Via: usnews.com In the eyes of Hungary’s combative prime minister, Viktor Orban, an early supporter of U.S. President Donald ...

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Hungary new border fence to stop Muslims migrants

While countless European politicians have grumbled at the change in tone under the Trump White House, particularly on the Syrian refugee crisis, at least one populist leader across the Atlantic sees his government’s policies being vindicated and bolstered by the new American president.  Via: foxnews.com In the central European nation of Hungary, situated on a key route for refugees fleeing the ...

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