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Multiculturalism in Britain: July 2018

Not a single Christian was among the 1,112 Syrian refugees resettled in Britain in the first three months of 2018. The Home Office agreed to resettle only Muslims and rejected the four Christians recommended by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). By – Soeren Kern “Why, when so many in authority knew the scale and severity of this crime, ...

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London: Father invited someone to their home twice to perform FGM on his daughter

A solicitor forced his eldest daughter to undergo female genital mutilation (FGM) twice at the family’s London home as a “punishment”, a court heard on Monday. By – Charlotte Dean It is alleged that the ordeal went on for ten minutes and the girl would cry out in pain, but her father only ‘egged on’ the cutter. Prosecutor Mark Heywood told ...

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Swedish Church Removes Crosses to Make Muslim Migrants Feel “Welcome”

Sweden is turning its back on its own culture, All in the name of multiculturalism. Sweden wants to adopt the culture of immigrants to show respect and make them feel welcome. Via: freespeechtime There are Western countries that do not even acknowledge that there is a lack of integration within the immigrant communities. Multiculturalism has failed in Europe. Most people are unaware ...

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Muslim Scholars Have ‘Ignored the Problem of Female Genital Mutilation’

Feminist icon Alice Walker has bemoaned the horror of female genital mutilation (FGM) for years and acknowledged in a 2006 interview that Muslim scholars “have traditionally ignored the problem.” Via:  Dr. Susan Berry The author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning The Color Purple and Possessing the Secret of Joy – a novel that attacks the practice of FGM and the mythologies that sustain it – Walker told ...

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“Normal” Treatment of Middle Eastern Women

Crimes against Humanity: “Normal” Treatment of Middle Eastern Women Via: Mullahs seem to prefer protecting inhuman laws to protecting humans. Most full coverings for women are black, which absorbs heat, and are made not of cotton but of non-porous cloth – in the scorching heat. In a province of Indonesia, Aceh, a woman, accused of being intimate with her boyfriend ...

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Egypt MP Says Women Must Accept FGM Due to Country’s ‘Sexually Weak’ Men

Egyptian member of parliament Elhamy Agina has encouraged women to undergo female genital mutilation (FGM) to “reduce their sexual desires” to match that of Egypt’s “sexually weak” men, Parlmany reported. “We are a population whose men suffer from sexual weakness, which is evident because Egypt is among the biggest consumers of sexual stimulants that only the weak will consume,” Agina ...

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