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Danish People’s Party wants barbed wire fence on Germany border

The nationalist Danish People’s Party wants to put up a barbed wire fence with motion sensors on Denmark’s border with Germany. Via: thelocal.dk The party recently visited the border between Hungary and Serbia in order to study border security methods, reports newspaper Politiken. In addition to the fence along its border, Hungary’s model includes detainment of immigrant in camps for unlimited time ...

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Hungary new border fence to stop Muslims migrants

While countless European politicians have grumbled at the change in tone under the Trump White House, particularly on the Syrian refugee crisis, at least one populist leader across the Atlantic sees his government’s policies being vindicated and bolstered by the new American president.  Via: foxnews.com In the central European nation of Hungary, situated on a key route for refugees fleeing the ...

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Austria begins work for HUGE fence along length of Hungarian border

AUSTRIA has begun preparation work for a fence which could quickly be erected along its border with Hungary. The fence could be put along the crossing that hundreds of thousands of migrants used during a wave of arrivals a year ago. The preparations, which involve burying vertical pipes in the ground into which fence poles can be inserted, began on ...

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Norway to build fence on border with Russia

Norway is putting up a steel fence at a remote Arctic border post with Russia after an influx of migrants last year, sparking an outcry from refugees’ rights groups and fears that cross­border ties with the former Cold War adversary will be harmed. The government says a new gate and a fence, about 660 feet long and 11 feet high ...

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Italy launches astonishing attack on Austria as migrant tensions intensify

In an outspoken attack Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said Vienna’s planned to build a fence on the border between the two countries to keep out migrants was “dangerous”. While he did elaborate on what he meant by the “ghosts and spectres of the past” his remarks could be seen in Austria as a thinly-veiled swipe at the country’s historical involvement ...

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