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Youtube and the Bonnier Group war against freedom of expression

Social media platform YouTube is still removing socially important videos uploaded online by the Alternative for Sweden party and the Swedish politicians may behind it. By – Brünnhilde Youtube has started its “war” against freedom of expression, according to AFS party leader Gustav Kasselstrand. But at the core of the scandal, it is revealed to be the Bonnier Group’s war against ...

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Google, do not fall for the desperate hatred of EXPRESSEN!

Expressen has campaigned ruthlessly against Youtube in recent weeks, under the cover that one wants to counter anti-Semitism. But the real reason is that they want to eliminate competition and dissidents, writes Youtube profile Angry Foreigner in an open letter to Google, published below in its entirety. By – Angry Foreigner Hello Google. I run a popular Swedish Youtube channel called ...

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New Expressen’s Requirements on Google: CENSOR Trump Löfven video

A clip uploaded on YouTube account shows how Donald Trump tells Stefan Löfven that Sweden has “problem with immigration”. Now Expressen has expressed outrage against the clip being shown to Youtube users. By – Brünnhilde The video, published on March 6, comes after the White House official broadcast by President Donald Trump’s press conference with Stefan Löfven. “You have problems with ...

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Expressen editor in chief‎: Google is owned by Jews and “should know” the importance of censorship

According to Expressen’s so-called disclosure that it is possible to obtain politically incorrect information by searching Google, newspaper editor Thomas Mattsson now raises suspicions over owner Sergey Brin’s ethnic background as argument for more censorship. By – Brünnhilde In a chronicle, Mattsson suggests that the great owner Sergey Brin has an extraordinary responsibility for censoring the Internet because he happens to ...

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Swedish Media Websites Ends Online Comments

In recent months, all Swedish main-stream media have simultaneously removed comment sections from their websites, thereby silencing the voice of the people. What could have possibly caused this “coincidence” on such a broad scale? Via: Brünnhilde Background I’m an American who has been living in Sweden for over 18 years.  When I first moved here, the culture was as homogeneous ...

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