Monday , 28 September 2020
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Europe has descended into evil

Earlier this year, in the Munk Debate on the “refugee” crisis in Europe, I touched on the epidemic of child gang-rape on the Continent and observed that “migrant rights now trump children’s rights”: The hills are alive …with the sound of child rape  “Migrant rights now trump children’s rights.” Hold that thought: AN IRAQI asylum seeker who confessed to raping ...

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ISIS on its KNEES as foreign fighters turn backs on evil caliphate

The flow of foreign recruits from Europe has dried up by 90 per cent while airstrikes have killed or injured thousands of militants, reducing the terrorist organisation to a shadow of its 2015 profile. According to a senior US general, just a few hundred foreign-born jihadis are now registering with the caliphate each month, down from a high of 2,000 ...

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