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Iran: Prices of U.S. dollar, gold cones & cars on the rise

Several weeks before the first round of U.S. sanctions kick in, reports from inside Iran indicate the prices of the U.S. dollar, gold “Bahar Azadi” coins and cars are on the rise significantly. By – PMOI/MEK On Monday in Tehran’s currency market the U.S. dollar price witnessed another surge, reaching 69,000 rials. In response to the U.S. dollar reaching the 60,000 ...

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Inside Iran February 1, 2017

Main Points Via: The Astana talks on the future of Syria ended on January 24, 2017. Iran, Russia and Turkey agreed to establish a joint mechanism to oversee the Syrian ceasefire. They issued a statement at the end of the talks stressing their countries’ commitment to preserving Syria’s territorial integrity, continuing the joint struggle against ISIS and the Fateh al-Sham ...

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