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Sweden’s Left Government Support Of Polygamous Marriage Increasing Before Election

In a  Guiding judgement of June 12, the Kammarratten in Jonkoping arrived at  a decision to regard Women/Wives  who are in a Polygamous marriage as a ” Single Mother  with a child/children”  for the purposes of paying Housing Allowance.  This decision, in effect, means that the multiple Wives of Muslim immigrants would be eligible to be paid one thousand kronor ...

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Fear in Sweden: Muslim Immigrants Behind Burning down forests

On 18 May, three immigrants purposely lit a fire in the woods near Lake Trehörningen, according to the fishing company Å-fiske in Eskilstuna. According to the association, the fire was an act of revenge from three people with immigrant backgrounds who were told they were not allowed to fish in the lake owned by the association. By – Brünnhilde After an ...

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Somali woman received welfare benefits from Sweden, Norway and Denmark

The woman received welfare benefits from all three countries. Not soon after receiving asylum in Sweden, she returned to the country she had sought shelter from.  Via: rapport24 A Somali woman received asylum in Sweden in the 21st century and then lived in Sweden with a permanent residence permit – without applying for citizenship. When asylum prosecutor Egor Putilov begins to dig in ...

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