Wednesday , 2 December 2020
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Britain’s Radicals – Welcome Again and Again

How expert are these two clerics at ‘interfaith relations’? Well, they are so good that their main credential is their enthusiastic support for the murderer of somebody accused of ‘blasphemy’. By – Douglas Murray Despite criticism from Shahbaz Taseer… the UK government had no problem allowing into the UK these two men who, as Shahbaz Taseer said, ‘teach murder and hate’. ...

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Ecuador to evicting’ Julian Assange from UK embassy

Ecuador is close to evicting Wikileaks founder Julian Assange from its UK embassy, according to reports.  By – Tom Embury-Dennis Lenin Moreno, the country’s president, is in London for a disabilities summit, but is allegedly in discussions with British officials over a deal to hand the Australian over to police. Mr Assange, who has been described as an “inherited problem” by Mr Moreno, could lose his diplomatic protection in a ...

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Sweden Accepts Ecuador’s Offer to Hear Assange

Sweden recently made a formal request to interview Assange in Ecuador’s London embassy, a shift in policy that could mark an end to the stalemate. More than four years after Ecuador offered Swedish authorities the opportunity to interview Julian Assange in the nation’s London embassy, a deal appears to have been struck Wednesday after Ecuador’s Attorney General responded positively to ...

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