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Imam preaching in Denmark: You may commit any crimes – murder, rape of children, selling drugs – As long as you pray five daily prayers.

Mohamed Hoblos is a tough Salafist Muslim, born in Australia but with Lebanese roots. In a video , he can be seen explaining to imprisoned Muslims that they can commit any crimes – murder, rape of children, selling drugs – just by praying their five daily prayers. By – Brünnhilde Scroll for video Here’s what he says in the clip: “Whoever ...

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Marcus Knuth Danish immigration official: Refugees should be sent home

A Danish MP has called for all refugees, even those with jobs, to be deported from the country once their home nations are deemed “safe”. By – Caroline Mortimer  Marcus Knuth, an immigration spokesman for the governing Liberal (Venstre) party, said all people who have been granted asylum in Denmark should be made to go back to their country of origin regardless of whether ...

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DF: Foreigners should not be allowed to run in Danish local elections

Denmark’s nationalist Danish People’s Party (Dansk Folkeparti, DF) wants to change rules to prevent foreign citizens from running in municipal and regional elections. Via: Michael Barrett  Parliament will on Thursday open discussion of a proposal by the party to introduce rules requiring non-Danish citizens to pass an extended Danish language test before being approved to run in the elections, TV2 reported on Wednesday. ...

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Denmark government announces support for burqa ban

Government coalition parties the Liberal (Venstre) and Liberal Alliance parties have both announced their support for a public ban on garments that mask the face.  Via: thelocal.dk The announcements pave the way for the burqa and niqab to be outlawed in the Scandinavian country. The stance by Liberal Alliance represents a shift in the party’s official line on the issue, while ...

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Danish People’s Party MP: ‘Shoot at migrants’

Kenneth Kristensen Berth, an MP for the anti-immigration Danish People’s Party, was in hot water on Thursday morning for comments he made at a debate in Copenhagen. Berth, who is his party’s EU spokesman, squared off with the Danish European Movement chairwoman Stine Bosse in a debate on Europe’s external borders for Europa Magasinet. In one exchange, Berth said that ...

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Danish nationalists hand out cans of ‘anty refuge spray’

The nationalist Danes’ Party elicited strong reactions went it took to the streets of Haderslev to hand out cans of what it called ‘refugee spray’. The party, which was founded by a former Neo-Nazi and wants to see all non-Western immigrants kicked out of Denmark, put labels on cans of hair spray reading ‘Refugee Spray: Legal [and] effective’. The party’s ...

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