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The Tragic Transformation Of Sweden

Critics and observers argue back and forth about to whether Sweden is, in fact, the “rape capital of Europe” due to mass migration into the coutry. While new information released this week seems to put that debate to bed, the government’s spokesmen have resorted to blaming poverty, toxic masculinity, and even homosexuality for the rise in violent rape and assaults. ...

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Turkey Is Building Islamist Beachheads Right Here In America

Tucked away in a quiet D.C. suburb in Maryland, the Diyanet Center of America (DCA) recently celebrated its two-year anniversary since opening in 2016. It was established with great fanfare, with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and other officials from his Justice and Development Party (AKP) attending the opening. By – Daniel Krygier To the casual observer, the DCA appears a harmless organization ...

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Paris Residents Threaten Hunger Strike If Migrants Aren’t Cleared From The Streets

Residents in a Paris neighborhood have threatened to launch a hunger strike if authorities don’t remove migrants sleeping on the streets. Via: Jacob Bojesson Locals accuse the migrants of trashing the sidewalks and harassing women. A neighborhood association has given authorities until Jan. 1 to tackle the problem before members go on a hunger strike. “The pavement is sometimes soaked in ...

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Czech President Milos Zeman Wants Gun Rights For Europeans To Stop Terrorists

Czech President Milos Zeman wants Europe to put more guns in the hands of the people to combat terrorism. Zeman addressed the Council of Europe Tuesday to answer questions about the state of the continent. Zeman has pushed for gun rights in his own country, and he believes the rest of the continent should follow suit. Via: Jacob Bojesson  “What can ...

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Sweden Financially Supporting Hundreds Of Terrorists For Years

Close to every person who left Sweden to fight for terror groups in the Middle East received welfare to support themselves abroad, according to a new government report.  Via: dailycaller.com  A study of 300 Swedish citizens who fought in Syria and Iraq between 2013 and 2016 shows jihadis are getting increasingly good at getting away with welfare fraud. The individuals often use a ...

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