Thursday , 13 August 2020
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9 Stories on Radical Islam Buried by Mainstream Media

During a show about celebrities, a Turkish TV station edited out the cross on Selena Gomez’s necklace. (Apparently, her bare shoulders didn’t bother Islamist sensibilities like a Christian symbol did.) A convert to Islam who was fired from his job as a high school principal in Australia due to suspicions he was radicalizing students is now in a teaching position again at a ...

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German intelligence Fears Rising Influence of Muslim Brotherhood

There is growing concern in the German intelligence community about the growing influence of the Muslim Brotherhood. The UK is said to be seriously considering designating the organization as a terrorist entity. By –  With some 2,700 operations across Germany and 40,000 members in just one of those organizations, the heavyweight of the world of political Islam is drawing increased interest from the ...

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Global Muslim Brotherhood Meets to Plan Future Strategy

Away from the watchful eyes of the world media and under the guise of attending a conference in Mauritania, prominent members of the international Muslim Brotherhood will meet openly on Friday, December 22, 2017, for the first time since the downfall of Mohammed Morsi, Egypt’s failed president from the Brotherhood’s party. By – Ran Meir   Even though the terror organization Hamas allegedly separated from the ...

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