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Sweden’s foreign minister spat with Ankara over legalized sex with underage children

A diplomatic storm was sparked between Ankara and Stockholm after the Swedish foreign minister claimed Turkey had legalised sex with underage children. Turkey’s foreign ministry summoned the Swedish chargé d’affaires in Ankara over the spat which followed a controversial ruling in July by the country’s Constitutional Court annulling a provision deeming as “sexual abuse” all sexual acts involving children under ...

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‘Sexual assaults on children’ at Greek refugee camps

Children as young as seven have been sexually assaulted in official European refugee camps, the Observer has been told. The claims come as testimony emerges suggesting that some camps are so unsafe that youngsters are too terrified to leave their tents at night. Charities and human rights groups allege that children stranded in supposedly safe camps in Greece that were ...

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MPs demand Syrian migrant DNA TESTED to stop him bringing his 20 children to Europe

A SYRIAN migrant who claims he is too sick to work could be DNA tested in a bid to try and stop him bringing over his 20 children and three wives to Europe. Daham Al Hasan outraged the public by claiming denying his sprawling family access to Europe and its welfare system was breaching his human rights. If they settle, ...

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Hundreds of refugee children have gone missing in Sweden

More than 300 refugee children have disappeared in Sweden in the first four and a half months of the year, according to the most recent figures. Last year, 420 minors who arrived in Sweden without their parents left their asylum homes without reporting their departure to authorities, according to Stockholm’s county administration board. The authority was appointed by the government ...

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Sweden’s Holy War on Children’s Books

Taken to its extremes, the urge to cleanse a culture of elements that do not live up to the politically correct orthodoxy currently in political vogue unsettlingly echoes the Taliban and ISIS credos of destroying everything that does not accord with their Quranic views. The desire “not to offend,” taken to its logical conclusion, is a totalitarian impulse, which threatens ...

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Turkey – 30 children raped in “model” refugee camp

The Turkish newspaper, BirGün, is reporting that as many as thirty Syrian refugee children have been raped in the Nizip refugee camp, not far from Gaziantep, Turkey. The perpetrator of the violence against 30 children is believed to have been a cleaner – referred to by the newspaper with the initials EE – who has been arrested. Beyond the horror ...

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