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Borlänge: “Sweden’s ugliest town”

The town of Borlänge in Dalarna has won the title “Sweden’s ugliest town” in a vote organised by an NGO that works against “the continued uglification of our cities”. By – sverigesradio.se The vote caused one well-known musician from the town to accuse the poll of fascist tendencies, and of only pointing fingers at industrial towns. Angelica Ekholm, business unit and enterprise manager at ...

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Qur’an education in Borlänge – “I do not have to listen to you because you are white”

Teaching of the Qur’an in Borlänge schools is creating problems because it is reportedly taking so much time and effort from the students. School staff believe that the Muslim teaching goes beyond the usual school curriculum and in addition the Qur’an education classes are h, even the teachers, according to SVT. By – Brünnhilde It is in Borlänge that school staff ...

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14-year old girls ran away from home – both later raped by “Muslim refugee child” Hussain

When two 14-year-old girls in Dalarna decided to run away from home, their adventure came to a brutal end when both of them ended up being violently raped by so-called “Muslim refugee child” Hussain, who manipulated them to their HVB home. By – Brünnhilde The Afghan Muslim rapist was previously convicted of assaulting females at the “Putte in the Park” festival ...

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