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Sweden taking part at the ‘Arab Street’ intifada

It’s no surprise that U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital has sparked violence in the West Bank and Beirut, or even protests in far-flung Indonesia, which is majority Muslim. Via: Noah Feldman  But Sweden? Yet the western Swedish city of Gothenburg, headquarters of Volvo Car AB, saw the firebombing of a synagogue on Friday. The same evening, demonstrators in Malmö, in ...

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Lebanese PM Hariri Resigns Over Tensions With Hezbollah

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri resigned from his post Saturday during a trip to Saudi Arabia in a surprise move that plunged the country into uncertainty amid heightened regional tensions. Via: Jack Khoury Hariri’s resignation follows an assassination attempt on his life a number of days ago, Al Arabiya has reported. According to the report, the attempt took place in Beirut ...

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Lebanon rape law: Wedding dresses hang in Beirut sea front protest

Activists campaigning to change Lebanon’s law on rape have staged a macabre protest on Beirut’s famous sea front. What appeared to be more than 30 white wedding dresses were hung from nooses, strung up between the palm trees. Via: bbc.com Lebanese law currently allows a rapist to be exonerated if he marries his victim.   The activists are pressing to have the ...

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