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Buying Silence: How the Saudi Foreign Ministry controls Arab media

The Saudi Cables Cables and other documents from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Ministry of Foreign Affairs A total of 122619 published so far Search   بحث  Press Release  بيان صحفي  Buying Silence  Partners articles  Database How the Saudi Foreign Ministry controls Arab media On Monday, Saudi Arabia celebrated the beheading of its 100th prisoner this year. The story was nowhere to be ...

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Churches Under Islam: Bombed, Burned, and Urinated On

When Col. Steve Warren, spokesman for U.S. military efforts against ISIS, was asked about the status of Christians in Iraq soon after the monastery’s destruction, he replied “We’ve seen no specific evidence of a specific targeting toward Christians.” Kuwait lawmaker Ahmad Al-Azemi said that he and other MPs will reject an initially approved request to build churches because it “contradicts ...

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ISIS ‘selling shrunken heads of decapitated victims on auction websites

WARNING: Graphic images some people might find disturbing: A preacher claims that the terrorist group are set to peddle sick mementos of their murderous crimes to collectors. ISIS terrorits have apparently taken to raising funds on auction websites A pastor has claimed ISIS are boosting their funds by selling shrunken heads from their decapitated victims on auction websites. The religious ...

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Former ISIS sex slaves now army of ‘Sun Ladies’ ready to defeat terror group

ERBIL, Iraq –  They witnessed the slaughter of their families on Mount Sinjar, and then were forced by ISIS into sexual slavery. Now the “Sun Ladies” are ready to fight – for veangeance as well as survival. Some 2,000 Yazidi women who were captured in the brutal August 2014 attack on their mountain stronghold have escaped and have taken up ...

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Islam: The Religion of Genocide

More people are killed by Islamists each year than in all 350 years of the Spanish Inquisition* combined. The Spanish inquisition (Tribunal del Santo Oficio de la Inquisición) from 1478 to 1834 was established due to muslim invasions. It was the war and battle to try and end Islamic infiltration, Arab fascism and conquest. It’s quite interesting how similar to ...

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In Saudi Arabia, “what’s changed … is these beheadings, and particularly of a religious cleric.

The Saudi Arabian government’s execution of 47 people in early 2016 again drew attention to a Canadian contract to supply the Saudis with light armoured vehicles built in London, Ontario. The Conservatives closed the $15 billion deal, and faced questions about skippinghuman rights checks and reporting. That’s due process in arms deals with foreign countries; to make sure, for example, ...

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