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Wikileaks ‘Sceptical’ Macron Leaks Fake, As Russia Falls Under Spotlight

Hacking initiative Wikileaks has said it is “skeptical” that the large cache of data hacked from French Presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron’s campaign includes faked material. Via: Dona Rachel Edmunds As much as nine gigabites of hacked material, including tens of thousands of staff emails, financial documents and photos, was released on the internet late Friday night by 4Chan users, just the campaign ...

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Here’s The Public Evidence Russia Hacked The DNC– It’s Not Enough

THERE ARE SOME good reasons to believe Russians had something to do with the breaches into email accounts belonging to members of the Democratic party, which proved varyingly embarrassing or disruptive for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. But “good” doesn’t necessarily mean good enough to indict Russia’s head of state for sabotaging our democracy. There’s a lot of evidence from the attack on the table, ...

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German “Alarmed” Over Threat To Election From Fake News And Russians

An intelligence source told BuzzFeed News that they fear 2017’s federal elections could see a repeat of the misinformation and hacking that disrupted the US presidential race. German intelligence agencies have warned that a combination of fake news and Russian interference through hacking and misinformation could disrupt next year’s federal elections in a way that mirrors what happened during the ...

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