Sunday , 8 December 2019
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Geert Wilders cancels Muhammad cartoon competition

Dutch anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders has cancelled a planned contest inviting people to submit a cartoon of the prophet Muhammad following death threats and large-scale protests in Pakistan. By – AP Scroll 4Video “To avoid the risk of victims of Islamic violence, I have decided not to let the cartoon contest go ahead,” the far-right opposition politician said in a written statement ...

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Denmark’s burqa ban comes into force

A burqa ban has come into force in Denmark with protests expected over the new law that could see repeat offenders jailed for up to six months. By –  AP  Scroll 4video Restrictions on Islamic face veils were approved by MPs in May after being brought forward by the country’s centre-right coalition, known for tightening asylum and immigration rules in recent years. ...

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Young male migrants from Muslim countries fuel rise at violence in Germany

The recent influx of mostly young, male migrants into Germany has led to an increase in violent crime in the country, according to a government-funded study published Wednesday. By – Frank Jordans The study used figures from the northern state of Lower Saxony to examine the impact of refugee arrivals on crime in 2015 and 2016, a period when the ...

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Lebanese PM Hariri Resigns Over Tensions With Hezbollah

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri resigned from his post Saturday during a trip to Saudi Arabia in a surprise move that plunged the country into uncertainty amid heightened regional tensions. Via: Jack Khoury Hariri’s resignation follows an assassination attempt on his life a number of days ago, Al Arabiya has reported. According to the report, the attempt took place in Beirut ...

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Danish official: No room for refugees from UN this year

Denmark’s minority center-right government doesn’t want to accept any refugees this year that come in under a U.N. quota system, an official said Saturday. Via: The U.N. refugee agency has made deals with countries, including Denmark, to take in a number of refugees each year. Since 1989, Denmark has accepted about 500 such refugees every year. But now Denmark “doesn’t ...

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