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Geert Wilders says FIRST job as PM will be to call EU referendum

The frontrunner said his first announcement as prime minister would be to call a vote on whether to leave the Brussels bloc and follow in Britain’s footsteps. Via: express.co.uk  He said: “The European Union is a political bureaucratic organisation that took away our identity and our national sovereignty. “So, I would get rid of the European Union and be a nation-state ...

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Austria set to become the first EU country to elect a far-right head of state as anti-Islam Freedom Party surges in the polls

Austria is a short step frombecoming the first European Union country to elect a far-righthead of state, the result of mounting angst about livingstandards and Europe’s migrant crisis triggering more than100,000 asylum requests. The anti-Islam and eurosceptic Freedom Party (FPO) grabbedmore than a third of the vote in the first round of presidentialelections on April 24. The second round is ...

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Germany’s right-wing AfD party adopts anti-Islam manifesto

Germany’s right-wing populist AfD Sunday adopted an anti-Islam policy in a manifesto that also demands curbs to immigration, as a poll showed it is now the country’s third strongest party. Formed only three years ago on a eurosceptic platform, the Alternative for Germany (AfD) has gained strength as the loudest protest voice against Chancellor Angela Merkel’s welcome to refugees that ...

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