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Angela Merkel admits she lost control of refugee crisis in Germany

German Chancellor Angela Merkel wishes she could turn back the clock on her refugee policy, she has admitted. Ms Merkel took responsibility for her conservative party’s second electoral defeat in two weeks in Berlin on Sunday, as voters rejected her open-door policy just a year before a federal election. “For some time, we didn’t have enough control,” the chancellor said ...

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Number of migrants claiming benefits in Germany surges by 169 percent

The number of migrants claiming German welfare benefits soared by 169 percent last year, data showed on Monday, a figure likely to further boost anti-immigrant groups such as the Alternative for Germany (AfD), which performed well in a weekend election. Around 975,000 migrants were receiving benefits in accordance with the Act on Benefits for Asylum Seekers at the end of ...

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Italy strikes deal to begin migrant deportations to Germany

From next month Chancellor Angela Merkel has agreed to allow migrants and refugees to be sent back to Germany as Swiss officials strengthen the borders to clampdown on free movement. The expulsion of illegal immigrants has become a priority for Italy as a financial crisis threatens to collapse its economy. And in an extraordinary move they have accused a number ...

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Muslim Migrant Problems Still Threaten Europe

In September 2015, a Canadian broadcaster, Ezra Levant, suggested that what Europe was experiencing, was not primarily an influx of “refugees” fleeing conflict, but rather a new Gold Rush, in which young men from the Muslim world were seeking to improve their fortune at Europe’s expense. Rome-based journalist Barbie Latza Nadeu seriously asked whether Italy was “enabling the ISIS invasion ...

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Austrian Conservative politicians have backed up calls from within Angela Merkel’s party to implement a wide-ranging burka ban

MPs in Vienna today demanded the outlawing of full body veils, claiming they stop women from integrating into Catholic Austrian Society.The controversial piece of clothing has sparked debate across several European countries, with some politicians citing security concerns over face coverings.Ministers in Germany are to meet tonight to discuss proposals before the Bundestag to ban the burka, although they are ...

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Christians Forced to Hide Bibles Amid Migrant Muslim Death Threats

Bundestag member Erika Steinbach and Iranian-born pastor Mahin Mousapour called for much stronger sanctions for Muslims who abuse Christians in Germany at a press conference on Monday. Highlighting the fact Christians suffer violence, harassment, and death threats in migrant lodgings, Ms. Mousapour criticised Germany for granting Islam “too much respect”.  Declaring anti-Christian hate attacks an affront to German values, politician ...

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