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Inside the Global Jihad September 7, 2017

Main events of the week              ISIS continues its string of setbacks: In Syria – on 1 September 2017 the SDF announced they had completed the capture of the Old City of Al-Raqqah. According to the SDF, they are now in control of 65% of the city. At the same time the Syrian regime forces and ...

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Inside The Global Jihad July 9, 2017

Main events of the week    The campaign for the takeover of Mosul is coming to its end. This week, the Iraqi prime minister announced “the elimination of the imaginary state of ISIS.”  However, the end of the campaign is being delayed due to the persistent fighting in the Old City by ISIS operatives, even in view of their desperate ...

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Hundreds of Islamic State Volunteers Have Returned to Britain

Security sources have told Sky News that more than four hundred British jihadists who travelled to the Middle East to fight for terror organisations like Islamic State and the al-Nusra Front have returned home, and most have evaded the authorities. Via: breitbart.com Former Scotland Yard Specialist Firearms Officer and author Tony Long told the broadcaster these fighters could pose serious problems for ...

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Inside Iran January 1, 2017

Main Points Hossein Salami, deputy Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) commander, said the fall of Aleppo to the forces of the Syrian regime foiled the plans of the West to take control of the region. He added that in view of Hezbollah’s success in the fighting in Aleppo, he had no doubt it could fight just as well in the ...

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