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NSA Cracked Open Encrypted Networks of Russian Airlines, Al Jazeera, and Other “High Potential” Targets

THE NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY successfully broke the encryption on a number of “high potential” virtual private networks, including those of media organization Al Jazeera, the Iraqi military and internet service organizations, and a number of airline reservation systems, according to a March 2006 NSA document. By – Micah Lee A virtual private network, or VPN, uses an encrypted connection to enable users to ...

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Iran blames US for creating ISIS amid worsening Middle East tensions

Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has blamed the US for creating ISIS and fostering instability in the Middle East amid an ongoing crisis in the region. “That (the) US arms a terrorist group is what causes instability,” Khameini wrote on Twitter Monday. “Who created ISIS? The US!” Via: James Griffiths & Hamdi Alkhshali          He added that while US President Donald ...

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Western citizens: Accept Islamic Terror as the New Normal

“The use of terror under this doctrine [luring and terrorizing] is a legitimate sharia obligation.” — Salman Al Awda, mainstream Muslim sheikh, on the Al Jazeera television show “Sharia and Life”. Via: Nonie Darwish Part of the tarhib or “terrorizing” side of this doctrine is to make a cruel example of those who do not comply with the requirements of Islam. That is the ...

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Jihadists Trying to Provoke Retaliation and Conflict in Europe

One of the world’s leading authorities on Islamist and jihadist ideology has said militants are trying to provoke retaliation and conflict in the West, so Muslims will “rise up” and side with extremists. Via: Liam  Deacon                 Gilles Kepel, a French specialist in the Middle East and Muslims in the West, who was one ...

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Muslims Celebrated TERROR Attack In LONDON

Clear evidence has emerged of Muslims celebrating yesterday’s Islamic terror attack in London, demolishing once again the left’s contention that Islam is a “religion of peace”. Via: infowars.com A screenshot from France 24 Arabic’s live video feed shows Muslim viewers reacting to the rampage with smiley faces and thumbs up. In addition, comments below the live video feed including individuals remarking, ...

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Erdogan Makes Threat to Unleash 3 Million Refugees into the EU

Speaking to Al Jazeera, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Turkey is currently hosting three million refuges on its territory and that if they all marched into Europe, the Europeans would not know what to do with them. He also reminded them that under the terms of Turkey’s refugee deal with the EU, the union pledged to provide six billion euros ...

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