Tuesday , 11 August 2020
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The Sweden’s Afghan bluff, and how bluff is called out.

Now that the Afghan law has been investigated at the highest courts and it’s in full force, is time to check who these 9000 ”alone came youths” actually are and now given a second chance in Sweden. What are the statistics saying about these young people? By – Juhani Berg Expressen checked the facts already in the spring and the stats ...

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Afganistan: Badghis Husband Kills his 9-Year-Old Wife

A Badghis man allegedly beat and strangled his nine-year-old wife to death on Sunday night, provincial officials confirmed on Monday. By – tolonews.com The incident took place in Kadanak village of Qads district of the province due to “family issues,” a spokesman for the provincial governor Naqibullah Amini confirmed. He said the child “named Samia had been married to (the suspect) Sharafuddin for two years.” “The man fled the area ...

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Protests over Merkel’s immigration policy after Muslim Afghan a “Refugee child” stabbed Teen Girl to death

A rejected refugee who allegedly stabbed his 15-year-old girlfriend to death in Germany goes on trial today for murder. By – Nic White Abdul Mobin Dawodzai is accused of stabbing Mia Valentin, 15, seven times in the heart with a 20cm kitchen knife he bought minutes earlier on December 27. Mia broke up with the Afghan teenager, whose age is not exactly known, at the beginning of ...

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Germany: Muslim Afghan a “Refugee child” stabbed Teen Girl to death

A 15-year-old girl was stabbed down on Wednesday afternoon in a drugstore in Rhineland-Palatinate by an Afghan boy of the same age. He was the girl’s ex-boyfriend. This is what leading chief prosecutor Angelika Möhlig said on a press conference. An arrest warrant was issued. By – Janine Wollbrett The boy is in preliminary detention under strong suspicion of manslaughter. ...

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Sweden paying millions to immigrants to leave the country

Record-hi  sums are paid to immigrants in Sweden to make them return to their home countries. Many of those returning are Afghans. So far this year, more than 67 million kronor have been paid in different return Funds. Via: svd.se So far this year, SEK 67 million has been paid in financial Funds to immigrants to get them to leave Sweden and ...

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Swedish Embassy Worker Issued Fake Visas To 70 Muslims From Afganistan

A former foreign ministry staff member is suspected of having granted around 70 visa to Muslims Afghan nationals on false grounds during his time working at a Swedish embassy in Asia. Swedish public radio reports that an investigation launched by Sweden’s Migration Agency in spring suggests that most of the wrongful documents were issued by the man in 2015. According ...

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