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Independent Kurdistan

Iraqi Kurdistan’s recent referendum on whether to declare independence from Baghdad garnered only slight attention in the U.S. Even the overwhelming vote (93 percent favored independence) and America’s long involvement in the region did not make the story more prominent. Via: John R. Bolton Nonetheless, we would be badly mistaken to underestimate its importance for U.S. policy throughout the Middle East. ...

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Meet the Yazidi women that wants revenge: After freeing their sisters from the battle for Raqqa​

The flags and pictures on the wall of the Raqqa home serving as a Yazidi women’s unit seem familiar, even though they can’t be. Via: Bethan McKernan A big red Sinjar Women’s Protection Units (YJS) flag, with its spiky yellow sun on a green background, in the middle. Next to it, a bronze picture frame with photos of martyred friends, and below that, a picture ...

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What Turkey stands to lose in its hunt for Syrian Kurds

Dozens of civilians have been killed by Turkish fighter jets in the country’s recent intervention in Jarablus, Syria. Turkey and a number of armed groups it is supporting have attacked the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG). So the Kurdish question in Turkey has now spilled over to Syria. The Syrian crisis is now a domestic issue for both the Kurds and ...

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