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UK Govt Warns Of crime, shootings and explosions In Sweden No-Go Zones towns

UK travel advice on Sweden has warned visitors to beware violence, gun crime, and “explosions” in the nation’s migrant-dominated ‘no-go zones’.  By – Virginia Hale “Crime levels are low” in the Nordic nation, the government advice notes, but goes on to caution: “Violent crime does occur; instances of gang-related crime, including shootings and explosions, have been reported in Malmö and Gothenburg.” The ...

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Arab Muslim From Syria raped 13-year-old girl outside Laholm library

A so-called refugee child from the Arab world convicted of rape, child pornography and abuse against a 13-year-old girl in Laholm By – Brünnhilde The Arab, who comes from Syria, raped the girl in a car outside the library in Laholm, which SVT News Halland reported as the prosecution opened in November. According to the judgment, the 13-year-old girl had the impression that ...

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How Low Can a Low Country Get? Ask Belgium

French journalist Éric Zemmour facetiously suggested that France should forget about bombing Raqqa and should instead bomb Molenbeek. By – Bruce Bawer Even the New York Times, of all places, ran an exposé about the ineffectiveness of Belgium’s anti-terror efforts, pointing up the chronic laxity, buck-passing, and turf-confusions that characterize every level of its government. Shut up. Zip it. It is a pathetic ...

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Paradise: ‘Asylum Seeker’ War Criminals Discovered in Sweden Doubles in Two Years

The number of war criminals being discovered among asylum seekers in Sweden is rapidly increasing with the Swedish Migration Board claiming cases have doubled in the last two years. By – Chris Tomlinson               In 2014, the Swedish Migration Board reported 12 asylum seekers to the Swedish police’s commission on war crimes but that number rose to 21 ...

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The long hunt for Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Day and night for the past three years, an unprecedented number of the world’s spies have zeroed in on a patch of Iraq and Syria to hunt for one man. Their target, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State terrorist group, has eluded them all. But only just. By – Martin Chulov The most wanted man on the planet has ...

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