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Syrian Kurdish cantons to be replaced by federal system

Map showing de facto cantons held by Kurdish forces in northern Syria (Western Kurdistan or Rojava).

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – A Kurdish official in Syria claimed that the autonomous cantons in Syria Kurdistan (Rojava) will be dismantled and replaced by a federal system.

“A conference will be held in the town of Rmelan by the democratic self-administration cantons in Rojava to discuss their dismantlement,” the official told Rudaw, adding that “in their place, a federalism system for Western Kurdistan [Rojava] will be declared.”

At the conference a committee will be formed to prepare procedures of federalism rule to replace the administration of the cantons, the source claimed.

The leader of the ruling Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party (PYD) Salih Muslim recently seemed open to the idea of a federal solution to the fractured Syrian state telling Reuters that, “What you call it isn’t important. We have said over and over again that we want a decentralized Syria – call it administrations, call it federalism – everything is possible.”

Rojava, a de facto autonomous region, consists of the three cantons in the northern part of Syria named Jazira, Kobani, and Afrin.

According to obtained information by Rudaw  that all elements living under the rule of the cantons – Kurds, Arabs and Turkmen alike – will take part in the conference to have their say as well.

On Monday the 13-member conference preparation committee begun their preparatory work for the conference.

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