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“Syrian immigrant Kills 21-year old Swedish woman with 130 knife wounds because “she was too loud”

Syrian immigrant Kills 21-year old Swedish woman with 130 knife wounds because “she was too loud”

A 26-year-old Syrian man living in LSS accommodation in Vetlanda, Sweden has murdered his 21-year-old Swedish neighbor in a horrific attack involving 130 knife stabs after he felt that she had disturbed him and made a “racist comment”. He also attempted to stab the woman’s sister, but she survived. The convicted murderer has been sentenced to life imprisonment and is facing expulsion to Syria.

By – Brünnhilde

The man describes himself as “extremely sensitive to sound” had previously complained that the 21-year-old Swedish woman who lived in the room above him was too loud.

On the night of February 20 this year, after a further complaint, the 26-year-old entered the woman’s room armed with a knife.

The woman’s sister, who was visiting, tried to safely lock herself and her sister in the bathroom. But the Syrian immigrant opened the door and hit at her clavicle down the lung and repeatedly kicked her in her head and all over her body.

He then turned to the 21-year-old woman and began to attack her with a large number of knife stabs.

“The blood went down into the shower drain,” the sister told the court during the trial.

The woman tried in vain to apologize to the man during the attack.

He allegedly replied to her, “It’s too late,” – before cutting her neck off.

“Oh, oh, no, no,” became the last words of the victim according to her sister who was forced to watch her sister bleed out on the bathroom floor.

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The sister pretended to be unconscious during the attack to avoid the same fate.

“Better hope that you’re dead or you’re damned,” said the 26-year-old when he left. He then continued to stab the 21-year old woman until there was a total of 130 knife wounds on her body.

After the murder, the 26-year-old handed himself into the police and told them that he had “killed his neighbor.”

During the trial, he explained about his problems with the sounds from his neighbors. He also stated that he “lost control” because he considered the victim behaved “racist” in their last conversation before the attack.

“I understood the attitude of the victim during the conversation before the event as racist,” he explained, according to the judgment.

During the trial, Mördaren’s lawyer Uno Karlsson said there was a female employee at the LSS accommodation who reported that the victim had previously expressed criticism of immigration. However during the police hearings in connection with the murder, the employee stated that she did not recall that she would have said such a thing.

Eksjö District Court today convicted the 26-year-old prison for murder, attempted murder and unlawful threats. This was despite the fact that, according to the legal psychiatric opinion, the man suffered from a mental illness at the time of murder. According to the District Court there were “special reasons” to place the man into prison rather than care.

He will also pay close to $220,000 in damages to the surviving sister, who has suffered highly severe post-traumatic stress from the event. She is currently checked into psychiatric department with constant suicidal thoughts and severe mental trauma.

During the trial, the 26-year-old – who has been living in Sweden since 2012 – claimed that he would “be killed” if he was expelled to his native Syria “because he is a courier”.

“The Islamic state and the free Syrian army will kill me,” he claimed.

Although the Migration Board is “unable to enforce” expulsions to Syria, the District Court is considering the 26-year-old for expulsion due to the violent nature of his crime.

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